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Helping a Community and Your Portfolio

October 13, 2016



Art Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Global Investments





Most Americans who are serious about entering the market choose an investment firm to help guide them and manage their portfolio. However, selecting the best person to manage the finances of not just yourself, but your family is a precarious situation. The best solution is to get to know an investing firm on a more personal level, instilling a sense of trust and closeness with the person handling your family’s finances. 

This is what Art Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Global Investments (JGI), strives to do with clients. Located in Loveland, Jarvis is a high-level investor, president for the Loveland school board and, previously, the coach for a number of youth sports teams in the community. “I love Loveland because it’s a good town for my family and business,” says Jarvis. “And I began to realize, over time, that while I was coaching the kids, attending Boy Scout meetings and working in the community, I was building trust.” 

Jarvis was right: it was this level of personal investment in his community that brought his neighbors to him in search of trustworthy help for their own investment choices. Jarvis embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly. Since many of his clients are neighbors and members of the Loveland community, it’s easy to stay involved with them and consistently keep them informed on the status of their portfolios. 

“JGI’s strengths lie in the communication we have with our clients, and our ability to set up client-specific portfolios to match their risk tolerances, liquidity needs and tax considerations,” he says. The company focuses on keeping clients’ assets secured during the shifts and changes of the economic landscape. During the recession, Jarvis’ clients saw no losses in their portfolios, despite the harsh market conditions at the time. Additionally, Jarvis says his clients had roughly 50 percent more available assets during the post-recession market rise as a result of his firm’s management of their portfolios. 


Jarvis is inspired to protect the finances of his clients at all costs. This inspiration stems from his love of Loveland’s close-knit community, since the success of his clients funnels directly back into the neighborhood he loves. “Protecting our clients strengthens their portfolios, propels them closer to their goals and thus strengthens their community by offering stability in the community, causing more dollars to flow through the local economy,” he says. He adds that, by helping his clients multiply their market earnings, the firm is helping to stimulate local businesses and economic growth overall. 

“I believe that by helping people around here, the community as a whole strengthens,” he says. “I’m very proactive about how I handle my clients’ portfolios; I’m always trying to find the next thing that will really propel a portfolio forward.” 

Fortunately, with Jarvis’ 25 years of experience, including nine spent running his own firm, he’s well versed in finding new investments to enhance earnings while making sure his clients’ savings stay safe.

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