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College Planning

It is never too late to start saving for your child’s college education.

Although it is best to begin the college investment process while your child is young, we can help you lessen this financial burden at any point before your child furthers their education.

If your child is young, you have time on your side.  You may be able to invest less money now and rely on compounding interest.  If your child is older, you can still offset some of the financial burden by aggressively saving over a shorter timeframe.

Before you decide on an investment plan, it is important to identify yours and your child’s goals.

  • What school are they interested in?

  • Are they considering a trade school?

  • Are they considering earning graduate degrees?

It is also important to know your options.  There are several savings programs available.  Selecting the wrong plan or not investing properly within the correct plan can hinder you from maximizing your savings.

When choosing a plan, it is important to address the following questions:

  • What are the tax benefits?

  • What is your risk tolerance?

  • Are there contribution limits associated with the savings plan?

  • What investment options are available?

  • Are there gift taxes on large contributions?

Educational savings plans include the 529 Savings Plan, Coverdell Education Savings Account, or UGMA/UTMA Custodial Accounts.  Each account has its own benefits and characteristics. 

Let us help you select the correct savings plan for your unique circumstances.

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